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Catastrophic Injury Lawyers

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Serious injuries to the head, brain and spinal cord are among the worst a human being can receive. We call them catastrophic because it is apparent that there will be no return to normal life. For the victim, catastrophic injuries may mean saying goodbye to a career, school and perhaps even to mobility and language.

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Lawyers

The effects of traumatic brain injury are not always permanent. Some can be relieved by the surgical removal or repair of ruptured blood vessels or damaged tissue. But for many families, having to provide care for someone who was once independent is a heartbreaking experience.

These are among the most serious injuries with the catastrophic designation:

Injuries Causes

Brain injury

Back, neck and spine injuries

Closed head trauma

Paralysis and quadriplegia



Severe burns

Organ injuries

Lung damage

Auto accidents

Truck accidents

Construction accidents

Workplace injuries

Drunk driving accidents

Distracted driving accidents

Pedestrian and bicycle accidents

Surgical errors

Falls and falling objects

Spinal Injury And Paralysis ∙ Medical Mishaps ∙ Workplace Diseases

The most catastrophic accidents, of course, are those that result in wrongful death. At Douglas Jennings Law Firm, LLC, we vigorously pursue valid lawsuits for plaintiffs to compensate for the loss of husbands, wives, parents and children. No dollar figure can ever equal the loss of your loved one, but knowing that you stood up against life-ending carelessness is often a step in the direction of healing.

If someone you love has been injured catastrophically because another party was indifferent to safety, call the lawyers at Douglas Jennings Law Firm, LLC. We understand what a burden this injury has placed upon your family, and we will do our best to obtain compensation for your pain.

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VERDICT: $10,650,000.00 – Auto Accident – Wrongful DeathBetween $4 million and $4.2 million – Dram Shop Alcohol Liability$500,000.00 – Auto/18-wheeler Truck Accident

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